Monday, February 1, 2010

Big December Harvests of Oregon Dungeness Crab

Early predictions of a mediocre Oregon Dungeness crab season were thoroughly defied in December, 2009.  The season started strong, with favorable weather and solid average weights, and so far it has not let up.  The historical average total Oregon annual catch over the course of the entire season (usually December-mid August) is 10.3 million pounds.  This year, in the first four weeks of the season Oregon crabbers landed 15.6 million pounds -- 2 million more pounds than were brought in during the entire 8.5 month season last year.

The good weather has afforded small boats a big advantage.  When the seas are stormy, only larger boats may safely venture out, but in calm weather the entire fleet can hit the water nearly every day.  Fortunately, this year there seems to be enough crab to go around.

source: Fishlink Sublegals

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