Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nor-Fishing 2010

In August this year Nor-Fishing will celebrate its 50th anniversary. No other technology focused fisheries exhibition has been operated for this long. Managing Director Odd Berg and Project Manager Kari Steinsbø in the Nor-Fishing Foundation report a very good interest and booking from exhibitors and say that several interesting jubilee projects are under preparation.

Since the 1970s the exhibitions has been organized every other year, and since 1979 Nor-Fishing has alternated with the aquaculture exhibition Aqua Nor. Both exhibitions are today owned by the Nor-Fishing Foundation.

Project Manager Kari Steinsbø reports that some 250 exhibitors have signed up for this years event from Norway and a number of foreign countries, and that space is becoming scarce already. It appears that the much commented financial crisis has not hit the fisheries industry as hard as was expected. Odd Berg is optimistic: “We now look forward to a grand jubilee exhibition, and we wish you all welcome to Trondheim from the 17th to the 20th of August!”

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