Thursday, March 4, 2010

Faroese Herring Fishery Awarded MSC Certification

The Faroese Atlanto-Scandian (Norwegian Spring Spawning) herring fishery - Faroese Pelagic Organization- has attained the MSC environmental standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

The independent assessment team confirmed that the target herring stock is abundant and able to sustain fishing effort; that there were low by-catch and discard rates in the fishery; and that the fishery was well-managed, with clear and defined objectives.  They also concluded that the environmental impact of the fishery on the marine habitat and ecosystem is minimal as there is no physical contact between the seabed and the purse seines and pelagic trawls operated by the FPO-vessels.

The fishery follows one of the largest herring stocks in the world as it migrates from its spawning grounds along the Norwegian continental shelf to its summer feeding grounds in the Faroese, Icelandic and international areas.

source: MSC press release

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