Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buying and Cooking American Lobsters

Among the most famous types of seafood is the American lobster, also known as Maine or northern lobster. This species is found from Newfoundland Canada south to North Carolina and is abundant in Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. These delicious shellfish are important to the Canada seafood sector and is an icon of New England seafood.

Lobsters shed their shells many times before reaching market size, which takes 5 to 7 years. Hard-shelled lobsters are sought after for live tanks which are popular in USA seafood markets.

A lobster that has shed its shell has less meat inside than a hard-shell of the same size, which tends to lower prices for soft-shell lobsters. Although there is less meat in a soft-shelled individual, some people prefer the taste of soft-shell lobster meat, considering it to be sweeter and more tender.

Lobsters are simple to cook and process. Their claws and tail contain the most meat but a small amount can be also be found in the legs and body.

In North America, lobsters are often served whole; boiled or steamed. Lobster meat is served in a variety of ways such as salads, bisques or other dishes.

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