Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Lakes Whitefish

Historically, whitefish were an important food fish to Great Lakes communities. Their popularity as table fare continues today. Whitefish is also high in omega-3 fish oils.

In blind taste tests performed at Michigan State University, tasters chose Great Lakes whitefish 2 to 1 over comparable whitefish harvested from inland lakes in Canada.

Many restaurants throughout the region have chosen to use Great Lakes whitefish exclusively for everything from basic fish sandwiches to high-end cuisine.

Great Lakes Whitefish Sandwich Recipe

(2) 8 oz. fillets Great Lakes Whitefish, thawed
White or whole-wheat bakery buns
3 Tbsp. mayonnaise or salad dressing, regular or fat-free
Herbs to taste: Try basil, thyme, tarragon, dill or a blend
Iceberg or leaf lettuce
Tomato slices (optional)

Grill, broil, bake, or fry the fillets (see Preparation Tips). Split buns and warm in a toaster oven or microwave.

Mix your choice of herbs with the mayo. When fish is done, cut to fit buns. Arrange fish pieces on buns and top with herbed mayo, lettuce and tomato.

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  1. sounds delicious.
    is it high/ low fat?

  2. Whitefish is low in fat and high in protein as well as omega 3.