Friday, January 28, 2011

Faroese Mackerel Fishery to Lose MSC Certification

The Independent Adjudicator, Melanie Carter has upheld an Objection by Marine Scotland in the assessment of the Faroese Pelagic Organization (FPO) North East Atlantic mackerel fishery.

Following the successful objection, the certifier, Det Norske Veritas, will have to amend its Determination taking account of Ms Carter’s decision that the fishery has not met the MSC Standard.

At the time of the objection, the Faroe Islands had not committed to a Coastal States Agreement to manage the combined catch of all nations fishing for mackerel and Ms Carter concluded that it was unreasonable of DNV to describe the fishery as meeting the minimum level required in relation to Performance Indicator 3.1.1.  This requires a fishery’s management to be ‘consistent with international laws or standards aimed at achieving sustainable fisheries’.

The decision follows an oral hearing and further submissions by the certifier, fishery client and the objectors, Marine Scotland.

source: MSC

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