Friday, January 28, 2011

Fos Certifies Toralla Farm Raised Mussels

Friend of the Sea has certified Toralla, a South American mussels producer. Toralla, S.A. is a family company set up in 2000 based in Chonchi, on the isle of ChiloƩ, Chile.

Through its subsidiary, Cultivos Toralla, Toralla manages farming of over 250 hectares of sea. Mussels are gathered using long-line farming methods. By applying latest technologies to each stage of the process, Toralla harvests 12 thousand tonnes of mussels per year which are then sold globally.

Toralla is HACCP and PAC certified in strict compliance with the regulations on critical point control and quality assurance. It has also achieved the BRC Global Standards certification for safety and quality.

source: FoS

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