Monday, January 3, 2011

Seafood From New England

New England is one of the top seafood producing regions of the USA. Home to several of the nation's oldest fishing ports, New England has a long tradition of harvesting and serving seafood. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine all have coastal access and support active commercial fisheries.

New England is world famous for its landings of groundfish, coastal species and pelagic saltwater fish. Among the most sought after species are Atlantic cod, Atlantic haddock, Atlantic pollock, hake, whiting, yellowtail flounder, winter flounder, fluke, monkfish, redfish, spiny dogfish, scup, weakfish, black sea bass, bluefish, giant tuna, swordfish, and others.

New England is also an important producer of shellfish, including lobsters, coldwater shrimp, sea scallops, quahog clams, soft-shelled clams, sea clams, oysters, blue mussels, and other delicacies.

A wide range of fish and seafood is available locally (in season), while others are processed and shipped across the USA and worldwide.

In addition to wild caught fish and shellfish, New England is an important state for aquaculture.

The region is known for dishes such as clam chowder, baked cod or haddock, fried soft shelled clams. lobster rolls, clam bakes, and other seafood recipes.

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