Monday, March 21, 2011

Crescent City California Harbor Tsunami Damage

Crescent City California’s fishing harbor has been nearly totally lost to the tsunami that originated from Japan’s 8.9 earthquake. Fortunately, the majority of the harbor's commercial fishing boats had sailed to safety, warned that waves could reach heights rivaling the 1964 tsunami, which killed 11, destroyed the harbor and leveled a large swath of downtown. By Saturday morning, the remaining vessels listed in the harbor. At least eight vessels sunk following the tsunami, leaving a sheen of oil in the harbor.

Crescent City rebuilt after the 1964 tsunami, but in 2006, a tsunami generated by a different earthquake in Japan damaged the harbor again. A $20-million reconstruction was in the works when the latest disaster hit, wiping out what Young called the "bridge" harbor that had allowed the fishing industry to continue over the last five years.

The Friends of the Coast Guard Auxiliary have agreed to accept any donations for the Crescent City fishermen that have been hurt by the tsunami and to disburse the funds to best help them.

Please send checks to:

Friends of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Inc.
484 Meridian St
Crescent City, Ca 95531

source: FishLink Sublegals

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