Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Faroese Mackerel Looses MSC Certification

As expected, the Faroese Mackerel fishery has lost its MSC Certification. The move comes following a bitter battle among North Atlantic nations over mackeral quotas.

Independent certifier, Det Norske veritas (DNV) recently confirmed the Independent Adjudicator’s decision to uphold an objection to the certification of the Faroese Pelagic Organisation North East Atlantic mackerel fishery to the MSC standard.

The action is one of a string of events which began when Iceland and the Faroe Islands increased their fishing quotas for Atlantic Mackerel. Norway and Scotland have been critical of increased fishing efforts by the 2 island nations, claiming historical rights to the fish.

Icelandic and Faroese political leaders dispute the opposing views, noting that, as a result of global warming,  mackerel have shifted their ranges northward into their territorial waters. 

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