Friday, November 2, 2012

Where Do Dungeness Crabs Come From?

The Dungeness crab is one of North America's most popular crustaceans. This large, sweet tasting crab is often found in seafood markets and other food outlets.

Dungeness crabs are caught along the Pacific Coast of North America. They generally prefer cooler waters and are uncommon south of Point Conception, California. Dungeness crabs are usually found on sandy or muddy bottoms at depths of 300 feet or less.

The Dungeness is an important catch for U.S. Pacific Coast commercial fishermen. 2011 Dungeness crab landings exceeded 67.4 million pounds worth more than $185 million.

In some areas, Dungeness crabs are caught recreationally with crab pots (or traps), loop traps, and hoop nets.