Saturday, November 21, 2015

National Coalition of Fishing Communities (NCFC)

A new coalition of U.S fishing communities has been organized. The National Coalition of Fishing Communities (NCFC) will formally launch during the next U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting, to be held in Washington, DC on January 19, 2016.

NCFC members include:

 - municipalities with economic, social, and cultural ties to the fishing industry

 - associations who represent and are supported directly by working commercial fishing families

 - businesses who are involved in the harvesting, processing, distributing, marketing, and serving of seafood

 - individuals in fishing communities

NCFC is currently engaged in a membership drive. Members can join at the NCFC website,

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where Do Jonah Crabs Come Fron?

A growing market demand for jonah crab has increased fishing effort along the USA Atlantic Coast in the last two decades, according to an Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) stock assessment of the species.

Jonah crab are harvested by lobstermen using lobster traps. As the demand for Jonah crab has increased, a mixed crustacean fishery has emerged that can target American lobster, Jonah crab, or both species.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Global Aquaculture Alliance Website Re-Design

The Global Aquaculture Alliance has strengthened its online presence by re-launching its websites ( and designed to better communicate its mission of advocating, educating and demonstrating responsible aquaculture practices to feed and employ future generations.

The new websites feature search and map functionalities for the list of more than 700 Best Aquaculture Practices-certified facilities, a marketing toolkit and a consumer-facing webpage. The new GAA and BAP websites made their official debut at Seafood Expo North America.

source: Global Aquaculture Alliance

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Texas Shrimp Season 2014

Consumers in Texas are likely to find a good supply of wild-caught shrimp for the 2014 shrimping season. Shrimp trawling opened in federal and state waters off Texas on July 15, 2014.

Each year, shrimping is closed to protect brown shrimp during emigration from the bays to the Gulf of Mexico. The early season closure allows Texas shrimp to reach a larger and more valuable size before harvest, and prevents waste of shrimp that might otherwise be discarded because of their small size.

source: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Northern Shrimp Moratorium (USA Northeast)

It could be months or years before consumers begin seeing fresh local northern shrimp in New England seafood markets again. In December 2013, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) established a moratorium for the 2014 fishing season, based on the findings of the 2013 stock assessment update. The Commission noted that due to recruitment failure for the past three years, it is possible that the moratorium could extend beyond one year.

source: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission