Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GAA Expands E-Communications for 2010

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is updating its communications program for 2010 with an expanded focus on electronic media. The changes include a new website design, new digital magazine and more frequent issues of the GAA Update e-mail newsletter.

GAA rolled out the new www.gaalliance.org site on January 4. Its home page features the new GAA corporate logo and categorized links to the latest reports on Best Aquaculture Practices certification, topical news and content such as material from the Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine. GAA also suggests that visitors check the GOAL page for frequent updates on the annual seafood conference.

In the ongoing evolution of GAA communications, the Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine is also undergoing changes for 2010. Its four-color format and informative content continue but the Advocate will appear in digital format on the GAA website six times each year.

As an integral part of GAA’s programming, the Advocate is distributed in printed form three times a year as a benefit to all members. Each of the six annual digital issues can be read or downloaded at www.gaalliance.org. Subscription to the free E-newsletter will ensure timely notification of the release of new magazine issues on the GAA website.

“This change is part of our efforts to strengthen GAA’s electronic communications while maintaining a relevant, high-quality magazine,"” GAA President George Chamberlain said. “We believe members will be pleased with the overall mix of information they will receive going forward.”

source: GAA news

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